About Us

Who We Are

Introduction to VC Bullion

With more than 30 years of collective experience in the UK coin market, VC Bullion has established personal connections with major and reputable dealers in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Leveraging these enduring relationships, we are well-placed to source the most sought-after numismatic pieces, whether they are newly-minted or historical coins. It is this expertise that sets us apart. 

We utilize our extensive network to offer our clients exclusive access to limited edition precious metal coins from various parts of the world, based on our discerning eye and deep understanding of what factors contribute to sustained long-term demand.

Dedicated Management

Each and every customer of VC Bullion is assigned a dedicated Personal Account Manager who provides personalized attention to all inquiries. This allows us to offer our customers exceptional service and ensures that we only present coins that are suitable for their specific needs and circumstances, whether they are a first-time buyer, a seasoned collector, or purchasing a coin as a gift.

Your Satisfaction

VC Bullion provides its customers with complete assurance by offering graded and certified coins. We never send coins withour an approval, ensuring that collectors only receive coins that meet their specifications and requirement.

Orders are dispatched via Royal Mail, and most are shipped via next-day Special Delivery with individual tracking, giving customers complete peace of mind.