Navigating Gold Investments

In the tapestry of time, certain moments gleam brighter than others for astute investors venturing into the gold market.

Your 2024 Gold-price Outlook

Spot gold is on track to post a 13% annual rise in 2023, its best year since 2020, trading around $2,060 per ounce.

A record monthly close above $2,000 an ounce

Gold to see a sustained push above $2,100 as headwinds from a stronger U.S. dollar and higher bond yields recede.

50p Kew Gardens coin sells for £6,800

A gold-proof Kew Gardens 50p has this afternoon sold for £6,800 at the Royal Mint’s online auction of 343 coins which has been over the past week and a half.

Gold hits a record high against Aus dollar

Gold continues to attract attention as prices push back to $2,000 an ounce, as analysts now saying that the precious metal could be on its way to all-time highs.

Chinese gold demand soars on economic worries and weaker yuan

As the consumers snap up the safe-haven asset to offset a depreciating yuan.

Gold’s Time to Shine?

Historically, gold and the U.S. dollar have shown an inverse relationship to one another: When the dollar’s value declines relative to other currencies, the price of gold tends to increase, and vice versa.

Investing in Rare Coins: a Smart Choice Right Now

Collectables are an asset type that can help investors diversify their portfolios away from stocks and bonds.

Gold Coins Vs Gold Bars

​One of the most common questions we get asked here at VC Bullion is "should I buy gold bars or gold coins"? Read full article to know more.

Gold vs Property

The property market is generally known for its relatively stable growth as an investment, although it is not immune to periods of decline.