2022 Memorial Gold Bullion Double Sovereign King Charles III

Invest in the 2022 ‘Memorial’ Double Sovereign from The Royal Mint, featuring the new coin portrait of King Charles III by British sculptor Martin Jennings. This marks the first time His Majesty’s definitive effigy has been used on these prestigious investment coins. Paired with a unique royal arms reverse designed by Jody Clark, the artist behind the final portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the acclaimed Queen’s Beasts series, this new take on the arms of the United Kingdom incorporates the English lion and Scottish unicorn in rich detail. These Double Sovereigns are twice the weight of standard ‘full’ Sovereigns at 15.98 grams, with an actual gold weight of 0.4708 troy ounces or 14.65 grams.

Due to their special design and limited production, Double Sovereigns are generally struck in smaller numbers, adding to their collectability and aftermarket value. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in the 2022 ‘Memorial’ Double Sovereign.



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The Royal Mint is offering a 2022 UK bullion-finish gold Double Sovereign as part of their Queen Elizabeth II Memorial range. The coin features a new effigy of King Charles III on the obverse side, created by British sculptor Martin Jennings. The reverse side showcases a detailed royal arms design with heraldic creatures, the English lion and Scottish unicorn, with the words ‘DIEU ET MON DROIT’ and the date ‘2022’ on a scroll below. The artist behind the design is Jody Clark.

The coin is made of 15.98 grams of bullion finish 22-carat (916.7) gold, with an actual gold weight of 14.65 grams or 0.4708 troy ounces. It has a diameter of 28.40 millimetres and a milled edge. The 2022 Memorial Sovereign Range is characterized by two remarkable new designs and is available in a range of sets, denominations, and finishes.

The 2022 Memorial Sovereigns are the first gold coins to feature a portrait of King Charles III. The new coinage portrait was unveiled just weeks after he acceded to the throne and faces left, the opposite direction to his mother who looks right on her coins. The legend around the portrait reads: ‘CHARLES II · DEI · GRA · REX · FID · DEF ·’. The reverse side of the coin showcases the royal arms designed by Jody Clark, surrounded by flourishes and national flower emblems. The lion and unicorn are rendered with realism, similar to the designs of the Queen’s Beasts series. The date ‘2022’ is featured on a scroll, below the words ‘DIEU ET MON DROIT’.

Gold Sovereigns, including those in the 2022 Memorial range, are UK legal tender currency and are Capital Gains Tax exempt. These coins are also Value Added Tax free as investment gold, providing a significant benefit to non-VAT registered private individuals. Gold Sovereigns with special reverse designs, like these limited edition Memorial coins, are always in high demand among collectors. With the additional appeal of being the first to feature King Charles III, they are sure to be sought after in years to come.

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United Kingdom





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Double Sovereign

Pure metal content

14.65 (g)

Key Points

  • Name: 2022 Memorial Double Sovereign
  • Type: Investment coin made of 22-carat gold
  • Manufacturer: The Royal Mint
  • Features: New portrait of King Charles III on obverse
  • Composition: 15.98 grams of 91.67% pure gold
  • Actual gold weight: 14.65 grams / 0.4708 troy ounces
  • Double the weight of a standard ‘full’ Sovereign
  • Diameter: 28.40 millimetres
  • Reverse design: Special design by Jody Clark featuring a fresh take on the royal arms of the United Kingdom
  • Tax status: CGT and VAT-free UK bullion-finish coin


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