Britannia 2024 1/2oz Gold Coin Royal Mint

Expertly struck in 999.9 fine gold and enhanced with four security features, Philip Nathan’s depiction of Britannia is as beautiful as ever on this bullion coin. Located in the lower left-hand of the coin design, below Britannia’s gown, a latent image of a trident is visible to represent her naval history. As the viewer changes their perspective, this trident changes visually to a padlock, which emphasises the coin’s secure nature.



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  • A latent image changes from a padlock to Britannia’s trident
  • Surface animation creates a background of moving waves
  • The micro-text of the coin provides both decoration and protection
  • Britannia’s shield bears the Union flag, which is accented with tincture lines
  • The coin comes in a single coin capsule

Britannia has embodied Britain and its people since the second century and just under two millenniums later, the icon is still instantly recognisable on a bullion coin. For 2024, our Britannia coin continues to lead security in the bullion market as the icon appears on a coin with four groundbreaking features. Surface animation in the background of Britannia reflects the flow of waves as the coin is moved and, between this and the banding of the coin, micro-text circles the design with the wording ‘DECUS ET TUTAMEN’, which translates as ‘An ornament and a safeguard’, and describes the features that both decorate and protect the coin. The lower left-hand segment of the coin features a latent feature that switches between a design of trident and a padlock based on the viewer’s perspective, emphasising Britannia’s maritime strength and the coin’s secure nature, whilst tincture lines highlight details such as the Union flag on Britannia’s shield. Combined, these enhanced security features along with Philip Nathan’s Britannia design forms one of the most visually secure coins in the world.

These features are also available on the one kilo and one ounce fine silver editions, one ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce fine gold editions, and one ounce and tenth-ounce fine platinum editions of the coin.

Additional information

Metal type


Year Release



The Royal Mint




999.9 Fine Gold





Reverse designer

Philip Nathan

Obverse designer

Martin Jennings


United Kingdom

Security Features

Micro-text, Latent image, Tincture lines, Surface animation