2020 £5 St Helena gold proof Una & Lion 1oz PCGS PR70 DCAM

In 2020, the East India Company commemorated the timeless tale of “Una and the Lion” with the release of a remarkable coin: the St. Helena one-ounce gold proof. With an incredibly low mintage of just 200 coins, this exquisite piece pays homage to the iconic Una and the Lion motif. The 2020 St Helena Una and the Lion Gold Proof One Ounce is made of 24 carat gold, with a small mintage of 200.

Crafted in solid 999.9 fine gold, this £5 Five Pound coin features a stunning design by Glyn Davies. On the reverse, Una and the Lion come to life—an allegorical representation of beauty, strength, and honor. The obverse showcases a regal portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, skillfully rendered by Jody Clark.

This coin not only celebrates a classic narrative but also introduces a brand-new series, making it a coveted addition for collectors and enthusiasts alike.



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Introducing the latest addition to our coin collection: Una, a timeless heroine embodying beauty, purity, and integrity, alongside her steadfast companion—the Lion, symbolizing strength and honor. This exquisite design marks the inaugural release in our highly anticipated annual collection and stands as a hallmark coin for The East India Company. Crafted by Glyn Davies, this contemporary interpretation captures the essence of a classic heroine and her protective companion in a striking pose that exudes both beauty and power.

Limited to a mere 200 coins worldwide, this 1-ounce gold proof coin is poised to become one of the rarest numismatic treasures of 2020.

The Tale of Una & the Lion

Una and the Lion trace their origins to the allegorical imagination of celebrated English poet Edmund Spenser, renowned for his epic work, The Faerie Queene, published in 1590. These iconic figures first graced a British coin in 1837—a majestic £5 gold piece during Queen Victoria’s reign—and have since epitomized beauty, strength, and honor.

Una, a captivating princess, embarks on a heroic quest to rescue her captive parents and kingdom from the clutches of a fearsome dragon. Her journey unfolds through battles, adventure, and romance, testing her humility and unwavering resolve. Along the way, she encounters a formidable lion. Surprisingly, the lion, captivated by her purity and grace, abandons aggression to become her loyal protector.

Guided by her virtues, Una enlists a knight’s aid in slaying the dragon. His unwavering commitment to her cause leads him to fulfill his destiny as the legendary hero St. George—the Patron Saint of England.

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Mintage Limit


Pure metal content

31.1 (g)


United Kingdom











Obverse designer

Jody Clark

Reverse designer

Glyn Davies